Along with the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community, UD has been a member of ASEAN University Network - AUN since August, 2014. With a vision to be one of the leading universities in Southeast Asia with key industries in the fields of engineering, economics, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, and medicine, UD always sets quality as the top priority in all activities and attaches great importance to quality accreditation at both the institutional level and training program level under Vietnamese National standards and AUN-QA standards of ASEAN. In the first half of 2016, UD completed educational quality accreditation at 04 affiliated members namely University of Science and Technology, University of Economics, University of Education, University of Foreign Language Studies.


AUN-QA Assessment for Advanced Programs at UD-DUT

Recently the 02 Advanced Programs in "Electronic and Communication Engineeering" and "Embedded Systems Engineering" had been assessed with the AUN-QA standards V2.0 and certified by AUN-QA with the highest scores in Vietnam so far.  Currently, there are 07 undergraduate programs which are being assessed under the AUN-QA standards V3.0 in 2018: Electrical - Electronic Engineering, Petrolium Engineering, Information Technology, Electronic - Telecommunication Engineering, Architecture, Construction Economics, Transportation Construction Engineering. 


Program QA at UD-DUT



Institutional QA at UD-DUT

Description: D:\Johnson Disk\AUN QA\AUN QA Documentation Review\Institutional QA Manual 2016\AUN-QA Model at Institution Level Version 2.jpg


Stakeholder feedbacks at UD-DUT





QA Journey at UD-DUT


DUT Objectives to QA Culture

  1. Share resources and knowledge about IQA and EQA
  2. Participate the common credit transfer mechanism to facilitate and promote mobility of ASEAN, EU, USA students
  3. Seek for three aims: enrichment of purpose, enhancement of faculty and students skills and exposure of international experience
  4. Benefit faculties and students in three ways: credit earning, intellectual exchange and networking of University friends
  5. Prepare student for future careers that are being considered as moving flow around in the region of ASEAN, EU, USA
  6. Strengthen higher education cooperation among AUN member universities, partner HEIs, industry consortium.